Friday, June 27, 2014

Photos Used Without Permission

UPDATE (June 29, 2014): She finally took down all of her posts containing my photo. It took 3 e-mails and a cease and desist letter. While she is now posting photos of her own work, there are still several photos which I suspect have been stolen from other sellers.

A fellow Etsy seller altered me to a woman in Ohio who has been selling bouquets online using other Etsy sellers' photos. She takes customers' money and runs away with it!

Here is her Facebook page:
and her website:

My Magenta & Cream bouquet is featured on her Facebook page and it made me so angry to see my photos on there with her stamp on it.

Sellers who have had their photos used by her have contacted her many times to try to get the photos removed and some have had some success. I'm hoping that she will shut down both of those pages out of embarrassment.

Have you had your photos or designs ripped off?

I'll be adding watermarks to all my current and future photos!

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