Saturday, August 16, 2014

Vendor Spotlight: Glitter Pops

Our newest Vendor Spotlight is Elizabeth from Glitter Pops!

Watermelon Glitter Pops

Here is our interview with Elizabeth:

1. How long does it take you to make your most popular item(s)?
I can make my all of my items in one day, so rush orders are more than accepted!

2. What types of customization do you offer? (ex: colour, size, lettering, etc)
Literally ANYTHING can be customized here - from colours, to shape to size and flavor.  I can even put a picture of whatever you'd like inside of the lollipops!

3. How has Etsy helped your business?
Etsy is a wonderful tool!  To open an online store, Etsy has no competition - especially for small businesses.  The other alternative would be to have your own website, but for someone to find your little store it could cost you thousands monthly.  This is a great place to set up your store because they have all of the tools to get you started a a budget that you can customize just for you!

Pastel Glitter Pop

4. Where else can customers find your products for sale?
They can find them on my facebook page:

5. What is one of your best memories of being a handmade/vintage vendor so far?
Being able to customize pictures inside of lollipops has been a great move for me.  There was a little girl who was having a mermaid party and wanted mermaid everything and I put an image of her favorite mermaid picture right inside the candy and she LOVED it!! Her eyes lit up and she gave me a hug and that's the best feeling :)

6. What is the farthest country that you have shipped to?
I offer worldwide shipping and the farthest place my lollipops have travelled is to the land down under! Perth, Australia

7. Do you participate in other craft shows throughout the year?
I am fairly new at this, so this is actually my very first show!  Sounded great and thought I'd give it a shot!

Marshmallow Hazelnut Nutella Glitter pops

8. What are you looking forward to most about Chatham’s Etsy: Made in Canada?
Meeting with other Etsy vendors and being able to showcase my items in person, as I don't think that the pictures do them justice!

9. What’s your favourite material/craft supply to work with?

10. What’s your favourite colour combination?
My favorite is pink and yellow

11. What other hobbies do you have?
Going to the gym and staying active - mostly to work off the sugar ;)

12. What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting his/her own business? 
DO IT!  if you have an idea, get it out there!! you never know how it could turn out. Trust me.  If someone a year ago said I would have my own lollipop business, I would have laughed at them.  But look at me now!! 

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